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Nica-chan :) [userpic]

1 friend down.. 49 more to go.

January 7th, 2009 (06:36 pm)
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where am i?: in my dreams..
mood of the moment:: cheerful
Jammed on my ears: : Love Situation - Arashi

hellow LJ's :) happy new year to you all.. another year of fangirlism!!!! :) 
the best thing about this christmas:
i got a wii
i got a Twilight boxed set
i got a POPOLO mag. full of ARASHI pictures ( i didnt even know it existed from where i live.. i was over joyed)
i got a Twilight 16 month calendar..

my friends sooo know me veryvery well :) ahahha.



my friend recently watched Hana Yori Dango (after months of persuasion..!) and she TOTALLY 
LOOOOOOOVVVEEDD F4~! :D i'm like woaaahh.. she came to me in the morning at school and told me:
"Kon... I LOVE F4. ESPECIALLY JUN!! i wanna marry him. can i.. just jun. you can have the rest of Arashi"
i was like:
~ (0_0)~   woow..
and then yeahh.. she's now into arashi and jun and stuff. :D i'm so proud of myself for converting one of my
stubborn friends.. so yeahh.. :D that's all.

Nica-chan :) [userpic]


August 27th, 2008 (07:46 am)

where am i?: OUTDOORS!!
mood of the moment:: excited
Jammed on my ears: : Take Me Faraway - Ohno Satoshi

haaha yayy finally i'm going camping.. a week before school~!! T__T" ahha. 
soo i'll be away for Wednesday - Monday :\ means that i'll miss Maou. Dx 
NOOOOOOOOO.. oh well.. i persuade paid my sister 5 bucks to download maou..
teehhehe :D kay anyways. 
`till then. Bye!!

Nica-chan :) [userpic]

more fooling around with editors.

August 20th, 2008 (01:59 pm)
where am i?: basement,being fixated on my photo editor and Arashi
Jammed on my ears: : Truth - Arashi

credits to: yuckie-chan for uplaoding the Music Lovers :)
i had fun watching it especially when Nakama Yuckie started <s>praising</s> picking on Ohno.. and that's what
this picture was about.. awwww.. he's just sooo cute ne? LOL ^___^

and this one i just did for fun because he's SOOOOO DAMN CUTE!!!! ^__^ <3333

yess yess. my Riida is SOOOO FREAKING CUTE :)
ohkay yeahh.. that's all ^__^

Nica-chan :) [userpic]

Maou. Episode 7

August 18th, 2008 (03:05 pm)

where am i?: somewhere over the rainbow
mood of the moment:: anxious
Jammed on my ears: : May Be - Yiruma

kay i just watched the 7th(thank you! dvampyrlestat) episode of Maou. and i can proudly say that i'm jealous. ><" 
honestly i havent seen Ohno cry sooo much. xD  i loved it. the whole story's wrapping up 
quite nicely and extremely hard to see whats gonna happen next ne? cuz there's lots of twists and turns.
XD once again i wonder how Maou got low ratings at first?? the story is great, the actors/actresses are superb
and i lvoe the music/suspense and everything in between. :D
my all time favourite suspense drama.. its better than Kurosagi (no offence) 
but i'm super super super jealous of Shiori.. ><"
i was like crying through out the whole thing -- NOT BECAUSE ITS VERRY TOUCHING--
but i was crying cuz Ohno's hands were grabbed by her :'( (by that time i was bawling) lmfao
it seemed fairly good reaction to me at that time. 
kay anyways.. the other touching part was between Ryo and his Oneesan.. i bawled soo much on that too..
"sayonara, ryou" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWuh. :'( :'( she was a nice sisteer..even though her and ohno are the same age lol.  but yeass.. just wanna get stuff off my chest. LOL ^__^ 

Nica-chan :) [userpic]

Blow off steam.

August 4th, 2008 (01:27 am)

where am i?: basement, parting it up (:
mood of the moment:: happy
Jammed on my ears: : How To Fly - Arashi

ohkay.. its almost my birthday, but i decided to have a party 2 days earlier so i could have my birthday as a "my-self" time. so i did. and it went great, out of all the 100 people i invited to this event, only 13 showed up. i guess you know through these things you know who your true friends really are ne? like sure they might have some excuse since i tolerate ppl who missed because of family events, or going away to other countries and what not, but still you know?

the sad part first:
none of my closest friends were there. :' ( its like yess the people who i spend my school hours with
are out of the country..

the good part: 
* i get to narrow down the people who will stick with me to the end, put up with my Japanese/Korean psychopath obsession, cracks me up with the most corniest joke, make a song for me.. which consisted of only the words "flaming water, shower, cold, ice cream, no shower, and happy birthday nica-chan", grafitti my mirror as a guestbook.
* i'm rich enough to buy open my own bank account and buy Japanese stuff  ARASHI stuff on the net.
* i know that everyone cares for mee.. and thats the best present of all.
* i got my parents into Arashi since i've been playing their songs (with much complain from my Aunts who werent introduced to my japanese obsession) but still.. they tolerated it. ahhaha!!!

soo much fun, my friends did a choreo of How To Fly - Arashi..
it was sooo cool!! even my little cousins were joining in. :)
so my Japanese-virgin (you know what that is right? hopefully? ahah. means that they havent seen anything from the japanese entertainment world) cousins were de-virginized. ahhaa. yess. they were just laughing at Arashi's weirdness.. so yeahh
 i loved my early birthday~~!!!

Nica-chan :) [userpic]


August 2nd, 2008 (11:08 pm)

where am i?: in my room
mood of the moment:: mellow
Jammed on my ears: : What you Got - Colby O'Donis

 ey ey. have you ever heard of TWILIGHT series by Stephenie Meyer? well, her infamous books are hitting it BIG!!!!
yess. from where i am, thye had a midnight sale of Breaking Dawn (the final book of the series)
and yess of course i was there.. i was waiting inline for 20 minutes? yes... and finally i got my book at approximately:
12:04am. yess.. it was huge thing, because before there was a masquerade ball. LOL. yess people are really into this stuff. i mean its fun!!. i found this soo funnyat the time :

DJ yells out : "Who's in team JACOB?!"
everyone: BOOOH!!! NOOO!!! [[*some ppl* yeaayy!!]]
DJ yells out again: "Who's in team EDWARD?!!"

xD yess i'm enjoying every letter in the 800page book. ^____^ 

Nica-chan :) [userpic]

Kaze no Mukou e!!!!

July 31st, 2008 (12:13 am)
where am i?: on my computer
Jammed on my ears: : Kaze no Mukou e - Arashi

yes yes yes! the single Kaze no Mukou e was leaked out to Aiba's Recomen (x
haha. credits to riori_addict@ LiveJournal.

na na na na na~!

enjoy (: 
i looove their voices here!!

Nica-chan :) [userpic]


July 30th, 2008 (02:53 pm)

where am i?: forever with Ohno (:
mood of the moment:: optimistic
Jammed on my ears: : Kitto Daijoubu - Arashi

 ohkay since this whole scandal, i've been all nerve-wrecked if we're gonna see new Arashi tvshows and complete Maou (OF COURSE THEY WILL!!!) haha, regardless, i find myself thinking.. if we dnt believe everything is KITTO DAIJOUBU then it wont be KITTO DAIJOUBU!
soo, yeahh.. i believe Johnny will get this all cleared up say by Thursday, it'll die down (: 

大野くん、がんばって !!!


Nica-chan :) [userpic]

(no subject)

July 29th, 2008 (05:16 pm)

where am i?: still with ohno (;
mood of the moment:: energetic
Jammed on my ears: : Only Love - Arashi

ohkay as a daily ritual, i visit Ohno_daily on a 4 hour basis.. and i found; a way to support our riida (x
we must put

in our every journal post. x) yaay~!!

Nica-chan :) [userpic]

>:\ grr.

July 29th, 2008 (10:49 am)

where am i?: with ohno (;
mood of the moment:: enraged
Jammed on my ears: : Happiness - Arashi

 ohkay, i think everyone has heard of Ohno's drug scandal. T_T" yess.. i think that's a bunch of BS.
i choose not to believe in that, until i see Ohno-kun smoke pot right before my very eyes. Even though it has pictures, it could have been easily photoshopped (technology these days could be used for evil!!), kay well, its very depressing to see that people write this crap about such a wonderful person. they only write the flasws and not the wonderful things they do. like WTF is that? : \ so, i dnt care what the TABLOIDS says.. TABLOIDS are NOT  supposed to be taken seriously.  like, i know Ohno-kun smokes and whatnot but he's not careless to do that. oh and plus that was like 3 freaking years ago!!!! like he didn't get as much publicity back then but now, they're tryna sabotage his career. whatevers happening now, i'll still continue to support Ohno-kun and Arashi whole heartedly. 

As Arashi fans, we continue to support Riida and Arashi.
think of all the things that made you fall inlove with them, that's why.
like, Arashi have been entertaining for like what? 10 years? 1 decade!? holyy dang!! and they built for the Entertainment business? they went through much trouble to be able to go to the TOP. and that's thanks to us fans.
we want them to stay at the top, no matter what ne?! so  whatever those Tabloid people say, they are the scum of the earth. >.>  one day, i should go up to those people who wrote that story, and give him a good STORMY beat up ;D
so yeah, 
remember that you have fans ALL OVER THE WORLD (:

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